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For Immediate Release May 18, 2016

HET Unveils New Sound Technology at NAMM

Oklahoma City – High Eagle Technologies (HET) LC, an all American Indian company incorporated in Oklahoma and based in Oklahoma City, is unveiling its latest new patented technology:
The Enhancer, Acoustic Sound Reinforcement for acoustic musical instruments. We are booth #1403 at the Summer NAMM Show, June 23-25, 2016.

This innovative new product for acoustic musical instruments is the first-of-its-kind in over 110 years, according to a U.S. Patent Office spokesman. According to Mr. J.C. Elliott, HET company president/CEO, “This simple technology is soundly based upon established and proven principles of physics. It’s exciting and revolutionary in enhancing the quality and sustain of musical instruments. It’s a low-cost, easy to manufacture solution to improving acoustic music!” says Mr. Elliott, a graduate of the University of Oklahoma in physics, a former rocket scientist and technical manager at NASA.

The invention received a patent in November 2015. HET will unveil its new technology at the upcoming National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) tradeshow in Nashville, Tennessee, June 23-25, 2016. For follow-up questions, inquiries or interviews, call (405) 943-4091 or (281) 300-3700.

About HET Oklahoma-born company, High Eagle Technologies, LC was founded in Oklahoma in 2013. Its goal is to commercialize its patented inventive technologies in the fields of medicine and cancer treatment, music and sports markets.

HET Company Management Meets With City of Hope

HET Seeks Collaboration with City of Hope, Duarte, CA

Posted: Tuesday, February 15, 2015
10:55 PM EDT Updated: Sunday, February 15, 2015 10:55 PM EDT

Company president, J.C. Elliott and Vice President Amanda McGlothlin met with City of Hope (COH) Provost and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Steven T. Rosen on February 6, 2015, to discuss interest in research collaboration of HET’s new patented cancer-fighting technology.

After a successful introductory presentation, Dr. Rosen requested a formal proposal be sent to the COH. The company drafted and quickly responded with a proposal as requested on February 13, 2015, only 7 days later…with heart & desire HET can help make a cancer-free world!

“Because we feel this project is divinely inspired, this project will be successful in accomplishing its mission: saving lives!” stated HET company president.

“We are pleased to present this proposal to the COH , as it would be great to have a collaborative relationship with this world-renowned cancer-fighting institution in exploring new and innovative ways of treating cancer; blood and other diseases with our new state-of-the-art technology.”

“It will indeed be a pleasure to associate with such a premier research institution. We look forward to participating in this exciting research as a team member with the brilliant COH researchers. HET and COH will work together in ways mutually beneficial to help reduce the suffering and loss caused by this horrific disease. Cancer claimed the life of my family and the lives of so many others that I know.”

“Our company represents the hope that those lost to cancer will never be forgotten, that those who face cancer will be supported, and that one day soon, cancer will be eliminated . . . and now, we have the technology that can do it!”
– J.C. Elliott, President

High Eagle Technologies, LC, is positioned and ready for COH/HET joint research with our determination, commitment, and expertise. Let’s move forward to save lives!

High Eagle Technologies, LC Accepts the Challenge!

Seeks Cancer Research Collaboration with New, Innovative Medical Apparatus & Cancer Treatment


High Eagle Technologies (HET), LC, an Oklahoma based state-of-the-art technology company, has developed a new, innovative cancer fighting technology and state-of-the-art treatment.

According to HET President, Mr. Jerry C. Elliott, also a retired NASA scientist and cancer researcher with 41 years of service, “Our new cancer treatment technology is based on over 30 years of proven medical research in fighting this dread disease to make treatment more affordable, more efficient and more effective.”

HET is not requesting or soliciting money or funds to continue their trial testing. “We would like to form a collaborative partnership with an interested cancer research organization to achieve successful advances in treating cancer with our new medical technologies.”

“Our art is medical apparatus and techniques used for the medical research, and potential patient treatment/therapy of blood viruses, disease organisms for humans and/or animals, and cancer treatment for certain types of diseased organs and body tissues,” states Mr. Elliott.

The invention has received an endorsement and official letter of support acknowledging and giving scientific and medical credibility from other cancer researchers. “There are much potential benefits for this from the insurance companies as well. Savings in medical insurance could be quite large, perhaps in the billions. Interested inquiries should contact us immediately,” said Elliott. He adds, “Together we will end cancer with the same challenge as putting a man on the moon!”