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The Enhancer

PURPOSE –To enhance the quality of sound timbre in acoustic instruments and to increase audible sustain of acoustic instruments.

What Motivated the Invention?

  • Desire to enhance the sustain and sound quality of acoustic instruments
  • Making an improvement in sound quality of lower cost acoustic instruments
  • Achieve improved sound quality for an affordable price

Benefits of Acoustic Sound Reinforcement

  • Improve sound quality and sustain of sound vibrations produced by acoustic instruments
  • Manufacture new instruments with factory installed technology
  • Retrofit existing instruments with minor modifications supplied as an aftermarket or do-it-yourself kit
  • New method of sound production available to guitar and other instrument luthiers

Improve Sound Quality of Acoustic Instruments

Our objective is to easily manufacture a device which uses no high tech materials or complicated processes, and one that is quick to mass produce improvement in sound quality or timbre, sustain of audible tones, small amplification of conventional acoustic instruments such as guitar, ukulele, harp, violin, viola, and bass. The invention can open up new sales markets, and with the large amount of acoustic instruments produced annually and those already existing, the projected market for this invention is very lucrative. High Eagle Technologies has big dreams and we are growing at a rapid pace.

Acoustic Sound Reinforcement

Marketing Acoustic Sound Reinforcement

  • Invention can be inexpensively manufactured
  • Invention can be massed produced quickly in large quantities
  • Invention can make relatively lower cost instruments perform with improved sound quality
  • Invention can be manufactured and sold as retrofit kits to enhance existing instruments
  • Invention can be installed with simple skills and relatively no experience by the consumer
What Motivated the Invention

Advantages of Acoustic Sound Reinforcement

  • Easy to install in existing instruments as an aftermarket retrofit
  • Easy for a one-person operation to install
  • Simplicity of design with immediate results after installation
  • Extremely inexpensive to manufacture
  • Low-cost materials to fabricate
  • No high tech materials or processes required for manufacture
  • Materials easily procured
  • Low-cost solution for consumers to improve instruments’ sound quality
  • Fast and quick to install without any specialized skills or training
  • Lightweight
  • Quickly and easily mass produced
  • Easily manufactured, uses no high tech materials or high tech processes
  • Very marketable improvement to sound quality in acoustic instruments